Hello :3 I'm new in the fandom & I'm a little ashamed/embarrased of my next question, that's why I'm going anon :s Could you explain me which are the different Once-lers (I don't know, I've heard of Swag-ler and that stuff) and what's their origin :) Thank you! Also, by the way, I always read your articles, LOVE THEM! *hugs*

Hello there!

First of all, welcome to the fandom! No need to be embarrassed in regards to your question. There are a lot of different Once-lers. In fact, there are anywhere from 200-400 of them or more! However, there are at least five main ones whom everyone knows, so I’ll introduce you to them:

Swag Once-ler: Swag is the most popular of the Once-ler ask blogs. I believe that 4,000 people (or more) follow him. He’s been around since near the beginning of the fandom. His witty sense of humor and rather cocky personality is entertaining to most everyone. Here’s his blog:


Bitter Once-ler: Bitter is also very well-known. His personality is just as his name depicts: bitter. It’s extremely rare when he gives a soft answer, much less a smile, but his history and demeanor are so believable and relatable that many have stuck with him throughout the months. Here’s his main blog:


One-ler: One has been around for quite a while, as well. He’s a cannibal and, from what I’ve heard, has a rather interesting backstory. A lot of people pair him with Swag. Here’s his blog:


Gentleman Once-ler: Gent is a kind soul who is compassionate to all. In need of a hug? He’d be happy to give it. He is paired up with “Pimp-ler”, yet he also married the entire fandom some time ago. Here is his blog:


Entre: Entre (short for asktheyoungentrepreneur) is a cool guy, distinguishable from the other ask blogs by the freckles on his face. The fellow who runs the blog also draws all of the artwork for it. Entre is also a pretty interesting and dynamic character in the zombie AU which is currently going on. Here is his main blog:



For a list of (most) every single ask blog, feel free to refer to Swaggermimint's masterpost here:


Swaggermint is actually hard at work on an all new blog which will feature every single ask blog. You can see the WIP here:



Once again, welcome to the fandom! Oh, and thank you for liking the press! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! :)

- Pluto

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